The perfect film night…

Everyone has their own idea of an ideal film night. Elselien van Dieren tells about hers. When I’m with a group of friends I don’t watch many films with my friends, because there is always somebody who can’t shut up. So when I do watch a film with a group of people it has to … Continue reading


Sometimes films are so beautiful that you wish you could put them in a frame. Well, I did. I’m a huge film fan, but as a photographer I sometimes wish that I could freeze the moment. What’s left is a picture with a whole story to make up yourself. That’s why I show you my … Continue reading

5 Novels that could inspire the next Batman adventure

Christopher Nolan has not only revolutionised Batman but comic book filming. How many films have brought us worthy sequels and then followed with good second sequels? Answer: not many. But, we all know this, numerous publications and blogs have all gone out of their way to praise Nolan’s efforts. The real question is: who will … Continue reading