5 Novels that could inspire the next Batman adventure

Christopher Nolan has not only revolutionised Batman but comic book filming. How many films have brought us worthy sequels and then followed with good second sequels? Answer: not many. But, we all know this, numerous publications and blogs have all gone out of their way to praise Nolan’s efforts. The real question is: who will be brave enough to give the Caped-Crusader his next Hollywood adventure and what might that adventure be?

Here are some of the Dark Knight’s best graphic novels that could inspire filmmakers.

Arkham Asylum:

250px-ArkhamBatman is called to the Asylum after it has been taken over by all the inmates inside. Everyone has been threatened with death who works in the Asylum unless Batman will meet with the villains inside, led by the Joker.

This is Grant Morrison’s 1989 masterpiece. Nolan started to enter the realistic, gothic styled Batman that many  writers have previously explored. Grant Morrison was one of those writers, “The repressed, armored, uncertain and sexually frozen [Bat]man in Arkham Asylum was intended as a critique of the ’80s interpretation of Batman as violent, driven, and borderline psychopathic.” Not for the faint hearted. But something I’ve  personally, always wanted to see. Batman with a big fat huge 18 sticker across it. And introduction to the scariest depiction of the Joker ever seen.

A fan made movie, in Spanish, gives you some idea of what the film would look like.

Batman Year One:

batman year one mazzuchelliTitle speaks for itself. This is the beginning of Bruce Wayne’s decision to fight crime in Gotham and the birth of Batman. It also follows the journey of Jim Gordon into Gotham City Police Department. Each are battling their own personal challenges only for their paths to cross whilst fighting for the same cause.

Yes, yes I know this is what in essence Nolan did. This would be just called a re-boot. But Year One did something the film industry, or even Batman novels since, is yet to do: capture the humanity of both these central characters in the Batman universe. Let’s give them their own story from their own perspective. I want to know what it’s like to be Batman! Or the guy who can summon him by a flashlight in the sky…

Batman The Dark Knight Returns:

Batman+The+Dark+Knight+Returns+-+CoverThe one where Batman decides to take on the United States Government, Superman, The Joker, and Gotham Police Department. Do I even have to say anymore for you to want this to happen on the big screen?

Set in the dystopian future Gotham City, Bruce Wayne is 55-years-old. Crime is on the rise. Batman is retired. It isn’t long before Bruce struggles to contain who he really is and unleash the Batman once more, meeting old foes and allies along the way.

Forget rumors of a Justice League movie in the horizon, why not a Batman and Superman movie? This novel provides one of the best storylines in Batman’s history with the both of them in. A recently adapted animation has just been released, but wouldn’t it be better to see Michael Caine bulk up like Tom Hardy and play a retired Bruce Wayne…. Surely….

 Batman The Long Halloween:

ZInspired and based just after Batman Year One, The Long Halloween is a story based on a mysterious murderer who kills on a holiday each month. Working with Harvey Dent, who transformation to Two-face is explored, and Comissoner Gordon Batman races against the calendar to find the notorious killer, whilst battling two crime families in Gotham.

Batman, AKA ‘The World’s Greatest Detective.’ Here is a complex murder mystery set in the Batman Universe. Most Batman movies have him up against enemies we wait for him to, in the end, defeat. Then wait for the next time he’s called upon – to, usually, fight the same foe. Why not have the audience work and think like Batman through this mysterious mystery? Even then, you’ll never have guessed who it is in the end.

 The Black Mirror:

BMBM_DJ_r2Bruce Wayne is off founding Batman Incorporated, so Dick Grayson is now Gotham City’s Batman. A series of murders has Batman’s detective skills truly tested as he confronts one of Gotham City’s oldest evils.

Meanwhile, the corpse of a Killer Whale, with a dead human inside, shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City’s foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face-to-face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham

A recent New York Times Bestseller, and Amazon’s best book of 2011. Author, Scott Snyder, puts Dick Grayson (Formally known as Robin and Nightwing) in the shoes of Batman. Something a lot of fans will take time to accommodate to. But Grayson’s Batman is actually appealing through his sense of humour, which Bruce Wayne lacks. I’m pretty sure a recent Batman film left off where this story would fit in perfectly…


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